Anne Marie MacPherson
Counselor and Actress

Coaching sessions with Dr. Dean serve as a metronome in the chaotic pace of people’s lives. Health is the culmination of mind, body, and spiritual fitness and as we say in the theatre, Dr. Dean is a triple threat. What emerge are formidable developments and intense displays of growth. While Hawaii is traditionally known for spectacular sunsets, Dr. Dean is also casting a radiant light of health and vitality for the people of Hawaii.

Bill Manahan, MD
Past President, American Holistic Medical Association
Professor Emeritus
Department of Family Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am thrilled that Dr. Dean Nelson is beginning a Life Coaching and Life Doctoring practice. About 70% of people's health problems are chronic and complex. Our present medical system is...

Joseph J. Sweere, DC, DABCO, DACBOH, FICC
Professor, Northwestern Health Sciences University
Bloomington, MN 55431

It has been a significant privilege to enjoy Dr. Dean Nelson's presence in my life. Through observing the path that his life journey has led him on, it is clear to me that this advanced soul embodies the quintessential elements of all those characteristics...

Grace Sears, Spiritual Teacher

I have had the joy of knowing conscious beings in many countries of the world- healers, teachers, and spiritually awake humans. For me, Dr. Dean is at the top of the heap; his immense love, compassion, commitment, integrity and his deep level of service. Dr. Dean is the finest healer/doctor I have known and the beauty of his spirit is pure. What a privilege for us that he is here to guide and inspire us to become ever more wondrously ourselves.

Andy Pieren, DC, DACBOH
Basel, Switzerland

I have known Dr. Dean for over 20 years. He has consistently shown to be a true ambassador for a passionate and enriched life. His unique combination of mindfulness and playfulness allows him to interact with people in a very loving and caring way. He is an excellent communicator - firing ideas which often create new thinking patterns and actions.

Gregory Rabold, M.D
Co-Author of Staying Healthy Without Medicine and Founder and Medical Director of the Himalayan Medical Foundation

Dr. Dean Nelson has been a close personal friend of mine for close to 30 years and during that time I have seen him receive, absorb and assimilate a treasure chest of wisdom, insight, and skillful means from a wide variety of healing and spiritual disciplines.

Brenda Barr, L.P.

My relationship with Dean has profoundly changed my life. Originally, I went to Dean to help me reduce my chronic headache pain. I even traveled from MN to Hawaii for treatment when my pain was unbearable. However, what I gained during my times with Dean was larger and more significant than that. Dean instilled in me an understanding about living in the moment and how I can find meaning through my pain.

Ricard Darlow, Executive

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. Dean as a friend for over 30 years. Throughout that time I have appreciated his healing presence emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Serving as a Silicon Valley executive for more then 24 years I have personally experienced the value of executive coaching. As valuable as these programs are they have missed the more holistic approach needed to...

Donna Taylor, RN
Hospice Nurse, Minister and Energy Healer

I have known Dr Dean Nelson for several years; in that time he has been a personal healer, mentor and dear friend. Very few beings in my life have given me as much caring and support. His knowledge of healing is not the just the physical body but all the aspects that make us fully human through our connection to our deeper self.

Collin Barr
National Construction Company Executive

Dean Nelson is a very wise health care professional and coach. He has served my wife and I as a key resource in this capacity for over 15 years. I have recommended Dean to many of my friends. His insights into the core issues a person needs to overcome to advance their life plan are always spot on. Also, he is a really fun, positive guy to spend time with.

Paula Bass, PHD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I have known Dr. Dean Nelson for the past three decades, and he has been and continues to be one of my favorite people to talk to about all aspects of life. He is a man of profound depth and intelligence who thrives on challenging people to stretch their limits to embrace a richer and more fulfilling and meaningful life. His manner is down to earth, warm and inviting.

Maria Patton, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy)
in the Neurosciences Department at Kaiser Permanente as a staff physician, double board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.

I have known Dr, Dean for several years in different capacities, including as his patient...

Roger Guest, M.Ed.
author of The Tender Heart of Sadness: 28 Aspects of Warriorship

When I approached Dean Nelson for assistance in getting over some perplexing hurdles, it was my second time seeking professional coaching as an adult. My first coach was helpful and much appreciated but Dean helped me take things to a new level. Working with someone who understands when to apply healing and when to apply nurture as well...

Shelley Smith Pierce
Development Director, Multifaith Works, Seattle and Senior Director, Shambhala Training>

Dr. Dean combines deep intuition together with years of medical knowledge. Dr. Dean is unusually sensitive and compassionate, and has personally uplifted my life's path with wisdom and advocacy, with a genuineness and insightful humor. I highly recommend Dr. Dean Nelson...

Herbert Elsky
Sculptor, Sound Installations, Contemplative Arts Teacher
Limoges, France

Dr Dean Nelson is one of those rare individuals who listens, not only to the words but also behind the words to hear the true intention of one’s heart. Our conversations were warm and personal as he guided me to a deeper and more penetrating level of insight.

Sally Klemm
Advanced Rolfing® Practitioner
Faculty Member, Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration
Milne Institute Teacher of Visionary Craniosacral Work™

Transformational is the single word that most aptly describes Dr. Dean Nelson's Life Coaching.

If you are in the process of redefining and/or transforming your life and want to work with someone who has been there and done it...

Bob Pasternak
Counselor and Spiritual teacher

I can think of no one who is more heartfelt and present in his desire and his activity to help others. As a Life Coach, Dean provides a compassionate mentoring style with clear headed and open hearted support. I am happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for help to increase self-understanding, productivity and living life to the fullest.