The First Step

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.
--Lao Tzu




Welcome, the first step happened some time ago when an itch or demand to know some aspect of your life differently marched into your life or surfaced in your mind. The Next Step is about curiosity and commitment to answer the call. Whatever the circumstances the invitation is to better know your innate brilliance and re-discover deeper meaning, purpose and happiness in your life. My job is to believe in you in a way that may be shocking to you. I will encourage, listen, inquire, challenge, advise and make requests so you stay aligned with your values and vision of what you want. Again this ‘want’ is a form of wisdom and although the want may be very specific, it is never separate from the totality of life’s deepest yearnings. Where we go is up to you, obviously it is your life and your agenda. I assure you my sleeves are rolled up and I’m willing to take the journey with you as far as you wish to go.  

Complimentary Trial Session

Without a cost to you, the first order of business is to see if coaching is right for you and we are a fit. This 30-minute exploration can be done on phone or in person.

I have offices in both Kailua and Honolulu or as I said we can coach on the phone. It is helpful that you bring an issue you want coached on.

To set up a Complimentary Trial Session, Please fill out the form below, or contact me via e-mail or phone at any time.


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